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Friday, February 25, 2011

where is spring?... (pm.25.feb.11)>

it's cloudy this evening, with a temp of 45F (7C).  today's high only reached 49.6F (9.8C) around noon.  once again, we got to enjoy a bit of sun this morning, but clouds were the dominant feature during the PM hours.

if we're going to get some rain this weekend, it is likely to occur tonight into mid-day saturday.  satellite pics this evening show a large area of clouds with embedded showers and thundershowers from eastern pakistan into kashmir.  i think it will be difficult for us to escape the next 18 hours or so without at least some rainfall.  due to the chilly temps, the snow line may drop all the way to 2000m (6500ft) overnight, but i think significant accumulations of snow will stay higher up the mountain.

i am very sorry that i have little good news to report... because except for some brief improvement on sunday into early monday... it looks like yet another upper-level disturbance is on the way next week.  that means more clouds and a decent chance of some showers... not to mention temperatures which will remain well below normal...

FRIDAY NIGHT: mostly cloudy and windy at times with a good chance of a few showers... a thunderstorm or two possible as well.  cold!
low: 4C (39F)

SATURDAY: best chance of lingering showers in the morning... otherwise partly to mostly cloudy with a smaller chance of a shower in the PM.  still rather cold.
high: 9C (49F)

SUNDAY: a mix of clouds and sun.  just a slight chance of a sprinkle or two.
high: 11C (51F)

MONDAY: partly cloudy skies in the morning, becoming cloudy by late afternoon with a chance of some showers.
high: 11C (52F)

TUESDAY: mostly cloudy with a good chance of some rain.
high: 11C (51F)

WEDNESDAY: partly to mostly cloudy with the chance of rain showers remaining...
high: 10C (50F)