Friday, February 4, 2011

just in time for the weekend... (pm.4.feb.11)>

maybe you could feel the changes in the air today... clouds thickening all day, humidity on the rise, and even the damp scent of rain.  there was enough sunshine this morning to give us another unseasonably mild high temp of just over 62F (16.7C), but we did drop a couple of degrees during the afternoon.

we have a very interesting and complicated weather scenario shaping up for the next several days.  say goodbye to the recent string of mild and dry days... as a developing, slow-moving storm system sets up over the western himalayas.  scattered light rain showers will become more likely during the next 24 hours, but then heavier and steadier precipitation appears to be on the way for sunday through tuesday, along with a sharp turn to colder weather.  the mountains (mainly above 2000m) are in for some heavy snowfall, and we'll have to watch carefully how things develop, to see if it will cool off enough for snow in mcleod ganj by monday and tuesday.  in the meantime, you might want to make sure you know where your umbrella is, and check to see that your heater is still in working order!!  details below...

FRIDAY NIGHT: mostly cloudy skies with a few sprinkles and light rain showers.
low: 12C (53F)

SATURDAY: partly to mostly cloudy skies with a good chance of a few scattered rain showers.
high: 14C (58F)

SATURDAY NIGHT: mostly cloudy with rain chances increasing...
low: 8C (47F)

SUNDAY: much cooler... temps steady or falling.  periods of rain likely, along with possible thunder.
high: 9C (48F)

MONDAY: cloudy and cold with rain (and some thunder) likely, possibly mixed with snow.
high: 7C (44F)

TUESDAY: mostly cloudy and cold with a good chance of more rain and/or snow.
high: 7C (44F)

WEDNESDAY: partly cloudy and not as cold.  but still a few rain/snow showers possible.
high: 9C (49F)