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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

enough already!... (pm.16.feb.11)>

the temperature has barely moved today... hanging right around 39-40F (4C)... a cold day here even by early or mid january standards.  i've recorded an additional 0.32" (8mm) of precipitation, most of it rain, but some of it melted sleet and snow from this morning and very early afternoon.  it didn't really accumulate here in mcleod ganj... but light snow/sleet accumulations did occur in parts of dharamkot and naddi village.  a little sunshine is actually trying to make an appearance early this evening...

this storm system has definitely over-stayed its welcome... but by all indications, it is very close to being gone for good.  the satellite photos are showing a few widely scattered rain and snow showers from southwestern kashmir into himachal (heavier rain/snow down toward kinnaur), but there is also a lot more clear sky showing up to our west than i've seen in several days.  we can't rule out a few more random showers this evening and overnight... but the trend will be toward drier weather, along with a higher percentage of sunshine appearing between the clouds.

another disturbance is scheduled to move in over the weekend, but at the moment it looks quite weak, and rather inconsequential compared to what we've just been through.  temps will start to moderate... but only slowly...

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: a couple of rain/sleet/snow showers are still possible... otherwise partly to mostly cloudy and cold.
low: 2C (36F)

THURSDAY: partly cloudy and not quite as cold... still a risk of a random shower.
high: 8C (47F)

FRIDAY: partly cloudy skies.  a bit milder.
high: 10C (50F)

SATURDAY: clouds with periods of sun... slight chance of more showers late.
high: 11C (52F)

SUNDAY: mostly cloudy with a chance of a few light rain showers.
high: 12C (53F)

MONDAY: a mix of clouds and sun.
high: 12C (54F)