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Over the last five years, there has been a relatively small number of people who have taken the time to give of their own resources to support the work I do to maintain this blog.  I've contacted each of you personally, but wanted to reiterate publicly how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  When I dig through weather models, charts and data every day, I do it for you.  

Those listed as 'anonymous' wanted it that way, but I'd like to list them here nonetheless.  The asterisk (*) denotes multiple donations.


Japeen - Oman

James - Ireland*
Deborah - USA*
Celine - France
Tom - USA
Kip - USA
Jeff - USA
Anonymous - USA
Tushita staff - India
Anonymous - India
Anonymous - USA
Anonymous - USA
Chris - Australia
Antonella - Italy
Anonymous - USA
Marion and Mike - Australia
Ralph - Canada
Anonymous - USA*
Carol - Australia*
Chris - USA
Ronny - India*
James - USA
Melissa and Simon - USA/UK
Dave - USA
Alex - UK
Arun - India
Beth - USA*

For the other thousands monthly who read/follow along, if you'd like to help make it possible to keep me on 'the weather desk', so to speak, I'd be more than grateful for your support.

The link below will take you directly to PayPal - it's simple, fast, and secure (You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card through their service).

If you prefer, you can pass along a donation (in an envelope with your email/contact number) to anyone at the counter at the Snow Lion Café -- they'll make sure it gets into the right hands.

With much appreciation,