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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

our early monsoon... (am.19.jun.13)>

For those of you in the Dharamsala area during the past couple of weeks, you don't need to be told that we had a very early official arrival of monsoon season this year -- but for others it might be news you can use.

Official monsoon onset was declared on 15 June for nearly all of Himalayan northern India.  I've checked India Met Department records, and the last time we had such an early arrival was back in 2008, when it occurred on the 13th of June.  Click on these links to compare 2008 with this year.

I'm still in the US, and just arrived back in Minnesota after 12 days road-tripping to and from Florida -- mostly staying off the internet so I could spend quality time with my family for my parents' 50th anniversary.  My neighbor has been diligent in checking the rain gauge, and has recorded 13.5" (34.3cm) of rain from the 28th of May until the present (18 June).  THANK YOU, TOM, for emailing that data to me.

The heavier rains have abated during the past day or so, and it does look like monsoon conditions are in retreat mode for a few more days before deep tropical moisture surges back into the area by early next week.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a JUNE update... (pm.05.jun.13)>

I'm still on the other side of the world, in Minnesota, where it remains much cooler and wetter than normal for this time of year.  To be honest, I'm missing the heat of northern India!

Total rainfall on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center (in the upper part of town) since I left on the 20th of May has been 2.48" (6.3cm) -- most of that happening on two separate occasions, and the vast majority occurring during a very heavy downpour with hail last week.  Thanks to my neighbor, Tom, for keeping an eye on the rain gauge (and keeping the monkeys away from it) in my absence.

In other news... there has been official monsoon onset declaration in south India, which is pretty much on schedule.  Onset was declared in Kerala on the 1st of June, and as of today (5th June), the northern limit extended from the west coast of Maharashtra, south of Mumbai, through Hyderabad, and eastward through central Andhra Pradesh, well north of Chennai.  Conditions are favorable for a further northward advance of the leading edge of monsoon conditions across the Bay of Bengal and into the northeastern Indian states during the coming several days.

Here in the Dharamsala area, our average onset of official monsoon conditions normally occurs during the last few days of June -- so despite an increasing likelihood of occasional heavy downpours of rain  as the month progresses, the REAL DEAL is still a few weeks away.