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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Friday, February 18, 2011

clouds vs. sun... (pm.18.feb.11)

skies are mostly cloudy late this afternoon, after a day when there was a continuous back and forth between the sun and the clouds.  we did manage to reach a high temp of 51.4F (10.8C) which was the warmest since last sunday!

the first in a new series of disturbances is crossing the area today, but a slightly stronger one is on the way for the weekend.  there isn't much moisture available, and the dynamic energy is not impressive... but we could still eek out a few showers on both saturday and sunday... with several inches of snow likely in the mountains above 2100m (6900ft).  there will be a break in the action on monday into tuesday, but then another disturbance... possibly a little stronger... will move in by wednesday.  temperatures will struggle to moderate just a bit, but will remain well below normal for the latter part of february...

FRIDAY NIGHT: partly to mostly cloudy skies, with a few sprinkles or very light showers possible overnight.
low: 6C (42F)

SATURDAY: a few peeks of sun between periods of cloudiness.  increasing chance of a few light rain showers.
high: 11C (52F)

SUNDAY: mostly cloudy skies with a good chance of a few showers.  a thundershower possible as well.
high: 11C (52F)

MONDAY: partly sunny skies.  a bit milder.
high: 12C (54F)

TUESDAY: a mix of clouds and sunshine.
high: 13C (55F)

WEDNESDAY: mostly cloudy with a good chance of showers and thundershowers.
high: 13C (56F)