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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a day or two of calm... (am.9.feb.11)>

we have clear skies and a not-too-cool 44F (6.5C) early this morning... and the only real adjustment i'm making to the forecast is to nudge the temps UP a couple of degrees.  the satellite photos this morning are showing a few patches of high clouds upstream, which will make their way into northern india today, otherwise expect more sunshine.

our weather pattern in the mid- to long term is not so quiet, however.  there is yet another storm system organizing over iran... and it will be bringing us a gradual turn to inclement weather (again) by the end of the week.  at this point, it doesn't look as intense as our most recent storm, but clouds and rain chances will be on the increase... and we could see another bout of windy weather as well.  check all the details below...

WEDNESDAY: sunshine this morning, with some high clouds moving in during the PM.  nice and mild...
high: 13C (55F)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: clear to partly cloudy skies.
low: 8C (46F)

THURSDAY: increasing clouds with an isolated sprinkle or two possible by late in the day.
high: 13C (56F)

FRIDAY: partly to mostly cloudy and breezy, with a chance of a few light rain showers.
high: 13C (56F)

SATURDAY: mostly cloudy and windy with a good chance of a few rain showers.  thundershowers possible as well.
high: 13C (55F)

SUNDAY: cloudy, windy and cooler.  good chance of showers and thunderstorms.
high: 11C (51F)