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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bone-chilling... (pm.15.feb.11)>

skies are cloudy, there are some light showers in the area, and the temperature is holding at 40F (4.4C) just before sunset this evening.  today's high only reached 44F (6.7F) up here at the top of mcleod ganj, and i recorded 0.62" (1.6cm) of rain since 9am... that brings the total rainfall since late saturday night up to 2.66" (6.8cm).

according to reports, there was a bit of wet snow that made it down into upper parts of naddi and dharamkot earlier today... but accumulating snows have remained above galu temple for the most part.  i posted a link on the previous post (below) concerning some of the massive snowfall totals that have been reported across the higher elevations of himachal pradesh.  even manali had about 19" (51cm) NOT INCLUDING what may have fallen today.  keylong also had record snowfall of 3ft as of late yesterday.  i'll try to post updated reports/stories as they are available.

this slow-moving storm that has been with us for 4 days now is finally loosening its grip, and will be moving out during the coming 24 hours.  there is still a good chance of more rain and snow tonight into wednesday, but then we'll see a significant decrease in precipitation chances and cloudiness for the end of the week.  our temperatures have been FAR below normal for mid-february... and will moderate a bit by the weekend, but will likely remain a bit cooler than they should be. 

TUESDAY NIGHT: mostly cloudy, breezy and cold... more periods of rain likely, possibly mixed with snow overnight.
low: 3C (37F)

WEDNESDAY: clouds giving way to a little sun...?  still cold, with some occasional rain and/or snow showers in the area.
high: 7C (45F)

THURSDAY: slight chance of a lingering shower... otherwise partly cloudy and not quite as cold.
high: 9C (49F)

FRIDAY: partly cloudy and a bit milder.
high: 11C (51F)

SATURDAY: a mix of clouds and sun... slight chance of a shower late in the day.
high: 11C (52F)

SUNDAY: partly to mostly cloudy with a few scattered light showers possible.
high: 12C (53F)