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Saturday, February 26, 2011


*2:03pm... temp 40.5F (4.7C).  all snow melted here at the top of mcleod ganj.  just received a report of 5cm (2") of snow in naddi village... although it is also melting rapidly.

*12:44pm... still mostly cloudy, but it appears that the snow is over.  generally an inch or less in mcleod ganj.  waiting for some reports from higher up... 

*11:20am... mix of light rain and snow.  temp is 35.4F (1.9C).

*11:01am... snow is now very light, and skies are brightening a bit.  snow on concrete surfaces and railings is melting quickly... but there remains a light coating on the trees.

*10:46am... still snowing moderately... but no wind now.  i just measured about a half inch on my rooftop.  it's very wet and slushy, since the air temp is a couple of degrees above freezing.

*10:27am... moderate snow... rapidly accumulating on trees and rooftops here at the top of mcleod ganj.  temp is 36F (2.2C).

*10:17am... huge flakes of snow.  visibility is only 200m or so.  if this keeps up, we'll start to see some accumulation.

*10:09am... it's breezy, with a bizarre mix of snow, rain and thick fog.  precipitation is generally light, but there have been a few quick bursts of moderate rain/snow in the last hour and a half.

*9:53am... 36.9F (2.7C)... now a mix of light rain and snow. snow isn't sticking.

*9:00am... we're getting a fairly heavy snow shower... low visibility. temp 37.5F (3C).

*8:33am... snow/sleet mixture in upper mcleod ganj.

*7:41am... report of snow mixed with rain in naddi village.