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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the last gasp?... (am.16.feb.11)>

**update @ 10:25am** a mix of sleet and snow falling in upper mcleod ganj late this morning.**

cloudy skies... 38.7F (3.7C) early this morning, with snow on the hills just above mcleod ganj.  i'm anxious to hear some reports from dharamkot and naddi, because from my perspective, it looks like there could have been some light accumulations there overnight.  here on tushita road just below the mountaineering center, i recorded an additional 0.19" (5mm) of rainfall since last evening.  that boosts our storm total rainfall to 2.85" (7.2cm).

i know most of us are ready for this to be over, and it looks like it will be soon.  there is still a lingering area of weak low-pressure in the upper atmosphere over northern india, but there is very little energy left in it, and as it shifts eastward today and tonight, most of our precipitation will come to an end.  this storm has been one of the biggest snow-producers for the mountains of himachal in a long time... delivering several feet of snow to elevations above about 2300m (7500ft).  this massive snowpack is our insurance policy for abundant water availability in mcleod ganj during the coming months before monsoon.!!

anyway... there will still be some rain and snow showers in the area today, but they will be lighter and more scattered than during the past 3 days.  we should gradually see a return to a bit of sunshine during the latter half of the week, and temps will start to moderate a few degrees.  unfortunately, the overall weather pattern remains rather active from the middle east into central and south asia... and that means yet another series of disturbances will bring rain and snow chances once again by next week...

WEDNESDAY: still a good chance of a few rain and/or snow showers in the area.  otherwise mostly cloudy, with some sun peeking through at times.
high: 7C (45F)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: a couple of rain or snow showers possible.  partly to mostly cloudy and cold.
low: 3C (38F)

THURSDAY: just a slight chance of a shower... otherwise partly cloudy and a bit milder.
high: 9C (49F)

FRIDAY: a mix of sunshine and a few clouds... slightly warmer.
high: 11C (51F)

SATURDAY: partly to mostly cloudy with a slight chance of a light shower late in the day.
high: 11C (52F)

SUNDAY: mostly cloudy.  good chance of more rain showers developing.
high: 12C (53F)