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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

winter not over... (pm.12.feb.13)>

Tuesday's stats:

Early morning low temp: 46.9F (8.3C)
Afternoon high temp: 58.1F (14.5C)
Rainfall: none

This second day of Tibetan Losar has been a nice one... not as much high cloudiness as yesterday, thus more sunshine, and temps remaining quite pleasant for the middle of February.

We remain under the influence of a rather rapid west-to-east flow in the upper-atmosphere, which is carrying occasional weak disturbances across northern India, while allowing a generally mild air mass to dominate.  Periods of mainly high clouds will continue to affect us during the next couple of days, but there will be sunshine as well, along with very little chance of rainfall in our immediate area.

In the meantime, a storm system (which is looking stronger and stronger all the time) will be gradually developing off to our west.  This system will bring an increasing chance of rain and snow to Himachal Pradesh starting on Friday, and continuing through most of the coming weekend.  Computer models are hinting at total liquid-equivalent precipitation amounts in the 5-6cm (around 2") range during the period, which is a very respectable amount indeed.  There is also expected to be a dramatic blast of cold, winter-time air moving in by late Friday night, and that's going to make the rain/snow line challenging again -- in spite of the fact that we're getting close to the time of year when snowfall becomes less likely here in McLeod proper.

Stay tuned for updated forecasts/information as the weekend approaches.

partly cloudy... rather mild again.
low: 9C (48F)

a mix of sun and clouds.
high: 15C (59F)

partly cloudy.  mild temps.
low: 9C (49F)

both clouds and some periods of sun.  warmest of 2013?
high: 16C (60F)

becoming mostly cloudy.  breezy, with an increasing chance of some rain showers by PM.  temps falling...
low: 6C (42F) -- by late evening
high: 14C (58F) -- late morning

mostly cloudy and colder, with periods of rain and/or snow likely.
low: 2C (35F)
high: 7C (44F)

unseasonably cold, with some lingering snow and/or rain showers.  some sun possibly returning as well.
morning low: 2C (35F)
daytime high: 7C (45F)