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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

improvements... (pm.06.feb.13)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 36.1F (2.3C) -- 3:20pm
High temp: 45.5F (7.5C ) -- 9:40am
Precipitation since 7am: 0.12" (3mm)
Total precipitation since Sunday night: 4.45" (11.3cm)
Total snowfall: 2" (5cm)

It is partly cloudy at sunset this evening, but other than a few peeks of sunshine early this morning, the clouds dominated once again today.  We had a few rounds of rain and snow showers between late morning and mid-afternoon -- with one particularly heavy (but brief) snow shower between about 3:00 and 3:30pm.  Temperatures have been well below normal for the first week of February.

Our 4.43" (11.3cm) total of rain and melted snow/sleet is not only very impressive for a three-day period this time of year, but is also more than the average total for the entire month of February.  If you remember, computer models were fairly consistent with predictions of around 6" (15cm) for this storm system -- so although I didn't quite get that much in my rain gauge, we still ended up with a mammoth amount for the season.  I've already had reports of 6-10" of snow around Galu Temple, 2 feet near Magic View Cafe and around 4 feet at Triund.  That bodes well for our springtime water supply.

Now... looking forward.  The remnants of this storm system will continue to spin around in the upper atmosphere over northern India through tomorrow (Thu).  So, although things will improve, a bit of instability could still stir up a random shower during the mid-day and afternoon hours.  Any rain or snow chances should be completely gone by Friday, with dry and quiet weather anticipated over the coming weekend.  We can look forward to a warming trend as well, with temperatures expected to be back to normal by early next week.

a stray light snow shower?  otherwise partly cloudy and cold.
low: 2C (35F)

a mix of sun and some clouds at times.  a period of rain/snow showers possible.
high: 8C (47F)

becoming mostly clear.  not as cold.
low: 4C (40F)

sunny in the morning, but partly cloudy PM.  a bit milder.
high: 11C (51F)

sunshine and a few clouds.  warming trend continues.
morning low: 6C (43F)
daytime high: 12C (53F)

a mix of sun and mainly high clouds.
morning low: 7C (45F)
daytime high: 13C (55F)

sunny to partly cloudy.  temps rising above normal?
morning low: 8C (47F)
daytime high: 14C (58F)