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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

when will it end?... (pm.23.feb.13)>

*Update @ 8:48pm... Light rain in progress.  Storm total rainfall has now reached 1.80" (4.6cm) since the measurable rain began yesterday (Fri).  We may finally be getting into the very backside of this storm system, as the storm circulation center itself is now moving into western Haryana.

*Update @ 7:34pm... Just updated rainfall stats (below).  Moderate rain continues to fall, and shows no signs of letting up during the next couple of hours at least.  My temp here on Tushita Road is hovering near 42F (5.6C), with the snow line remaining well above upper Dharamkot and Galu Temple.

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 39.6F (4.2C) -- 11:15am
High temp: 48.5F (9.2C) -- shortly past midnight
Rainfall since 7am: 1.46" (3.7cm) -- as of 7:30pm (updated)
Storm total rainfall: 1.72" (4.4cm) -- as of 7:30pm (updated)

Well... it has been one heck of a rainy day, to say the least.  It is still raining moderately at dusk this evening, with snow piling up in the mountains above.  One look at the temperature stats (above), and you can see that it has been an unusual day.  The high temp occurred shortly after midnight, and the low temp occurred during heavy rain during the late morning.  It would be fair to say that it has been COLD for the latter part of February.

The upper-level circulation center responsible for all of this wet weather is now located over the extreme southwestern corner of Punjab.  It will move slowly eastward overnight, winding up just to the northeast of Delhi by early tomorrow morning, then rapidly weakening as it continues to the east on Sunday.  The orientation of the Dhauladhar range has been a perfect compliment to this storm's movement, squeezing out the maximum amount of precipitation from the atmosphere, and surpassing most of the computer model projections.  It looks like we're in line for several more hours of significant rainfall before it starts to taper off.

Sunday is going to be a transitional day, with a combination of clouds, a few lingering showers, but also an increasing chance of some sunshine reappearing.  The rest of the coming week will be active and interesting.  The mildest air of the year will try to nudge into northern India, but yet another storm system will also be swinging through late Tuesday and Wednesday.  This means that we could add even more to our massive Feb 2013 rainfall totals before it's all over.

 cloudy and cold with rain showers gradually diminishing.
low: 4C (40F)

a few lingering showers possible, with clouds giving way to some sunshine.
high: 12C (53F)

becoming mostly clear.  not as cold.
low: 7C (45F)

a mix of sun and mainly afternoon clouds.  milder, but still below normal for late feb.
high: 14C (57F)

partly cloudy with an isolated late PM shower possible.  warmest of 2013?
morning low: 9C (48F)
daytime high: 16C (60F)

partly cloudy with a good chance of a period or two of rain and thundershowers.
morning low: 10C (50F)
daytime high: 16C (60F)

both sun and clouds.  chance of a shower or two.
morning low: 8C (47F)
daytime high: 14C (58F)