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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

winding down... (am.06.feb.13)>

*Update @ 3:25pm...  A heavy snow shower is in progress here in the upper part of town during the past 10 minutes or so, with snow reported into the main market of McLeod as well.  I heard some thunder as I was walking home shortly after 3pm.  I don't think this is going to last for very long... but it is beautiful while it lasts!  Current temp: 36.1F (2.3C) -- difficult to get much accumulation with temps above freezing at ground level.

*Update @ 8:28am... Forgot to mention that there are still patches of snow on the ground here on Tushita Road below the Mountaineering Center.  Lots of icy slush on my terrace this morning.  Looking through brand new data just now, I see that there will indeed be at least moderate instability throughout the day.  The latest satellite pics actually show new cloud development over Punjab and Himachal, so as the remains of this storm system linger overhead today, I think we stand a decent chance of getting some shower and possible thunder development.  It's now cold enough that if/when precipitation begins again, it should quickly turn to sleet/snow.  This may not be completely over...

It looks like things were fairly quiet overnight -- i have an additional 0.05" (1mm) in the rain gauge, bringing our storm total precipitation up to 4.33" (exactly 11cm).  The low temp here at my location has been 35.4F (1.9C), which occurred during the snowfall last night around 7pm.  Currently, it is 39.2F (4.0C), and it's so nice to be free of the unrelenting high wind gusts.

Although things have calmed down a lot, we may not be entirely out of the woods just yet.  Our rapidly weakening upper-level storm circulation remains just to our northwest, along the Pak/Kashmir border.  With that instability and some moisture lingering across Himachal Pradesh, there could be some rain and/or snow showers stirred up.  I think we're in for much less action than we've seen the last two days, but be aware of the potential.

There will be a slight chance of a rain or snow shower on Thursday, otherwise we should get some definitive clearing underway, with quiet weather expected into the weekend.  Temperatures are much below normal for this time of year right now, but it's looking much milder by Saturday.