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Sunday, February 17, 2013

showers continue... (am.17.feb.13)>

*Update @ 10:26am... We have an eerie mix of clouds, fog, drizzle and some fleeting glimpses of sun at the moment.  My rain gauge now shows a total of 1.72" (4.4cm), and the temp has bounced up to 43.3F (6.3C).  There is still a risk of more off-and-on showers until early this evening, but it's nice to see some subtle improvements.

*Update @ 9:06am... Some healthy rain showers have been occurring during the past hour, bringing total rainfall up to 1.65" (4.2cm).  My temp has dipped to 39.2F (4.0C), which is the lowest I've recorded since this storm began.

It's another wet morning -- but no white stuff here in McLeod Ganj.  I've recorded another 0.12" (3mm) of rain since 7:30pm last night, bringing the storm total up to 1.42" (3.6cm) so far.  The overnight low at my location in the upper part of town was 39.7F (4.3C), and it is currently 39.9F (4.4C).

The center of our storm system's circulation has now shifted to near Dehra Dun, and is beginning to weaken and move more rapidly off to the east-northeast.  There's still obviously a lot of moisture and instability in its wake, with the latest data pointing to lingering showers across our area for much of the day.  Hopefully we'll get a few breaks in the clouds, though.

As far as snowfall is concerned... based on atmospheric temperature profiles overnight and this morning, I am really surprised that the snow line hasn't moved much further downhill.  I'm sure there are probably more people pleased than displeased about that!  Even if snow never materializes here, today will likely be one of the chilliest of this winter season, with temperatures rising very little.

Updates to follow.