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Sunday, February 24, 2013

a step forward... (am.24.feb.13)>

Rapid and dramatic clearing has taken place overnight as our recent storm system races off to the east.  Skies are totally clear just before sunrise on this Sunday morning.  My low temp has been 40.6F (4.8C), and the total rainfall since Friday stands at 1.82" (4.6cm).  That brings our February total up to a whopping 8.16" (20.7cm) which is almost exactly double the normal amount!

The sunshine early this morning is fantastic, but based on our recent track record, I'm concerned that it may not last.  The humidity is currently 75%, indicating plenty of lingering moisture in the air.  As the sun gets to work on this moist atmosphere (not to mention the very moist ground), we could see cloud development as the day wears on, along with a few isolated PM showers.  Or, we could escape that whole routine altogether if the upper-levels have warmed enough to squash any instability.  Whatever the case, today is already way ahead of yesterday and Friday in terms of the pleasantness factor.

We should also be making great gains in the temperature department during the coming few days.  I haven't had 60F (15.5C) on my thermometer since the 9th of December -- so we're way overdue for some genuinely mild temps.