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Saturday, February 23, 2013

rainy saturday... (am.23.feb.13)>

*Update @ 4:46pm... Rainfall since 7am has now reached 1.06" (2.7cm) -- storm total rainfall is now 1.32" (3.4cm).  Still no indication that this rain is going to be finished anytime soon, in fact, there are hints of another moderate to heavy band of rain moving in from the southwest later this evening.  Current temp: 42.1F (5.6C).  Heavy snow falling above roughly 2400m7900ft.

*Update @ 2:31pm... There have been a couple of short breaks in the action during the past few hours, but currently it is raining again -- moderately and steadily.  My rain gauge now shows 1.10" (2.8cm) for a storm total -- 0.59" (1.5cm) of that has occurred in the past 4.5 hours.  No sign of any kind of significant improvement this afternoon.  Current temp: 42.4F (5.8C).

*Update @ 10:05am... Getting hammered pretty hard... 0.25" (6mm) of rain in the past half hour has indeed doubled our rainfall total for this entire storm thus far.  Now 0.51" (1.3cm).  My temp has dipped to 41.0F (5.0C), with humidity fluctuating between 95 and 100%.

*Update @ 9:00am... It looks like our next batch of rain, which may be the most significant yet, is advancing from the south.  If it hangs around for a while, we'll quickly double the amount of rain we've received since yesterday.  Current temp: 45.0F (7.2C).  Humidity: 77%.

There was only an additional 0.06" (2mm) of rain overnight, in spite of the thunder and lightning show around 3am -- that brings storm total rainfall up to 0.26" (7mm).  My low temp here in the upper part of town was 42.4F (5.8C), and it is currently 44.8F (7.1C).

Lots of multi-layered clouds are evident on satellite pics across eastern Pakistan and northern India this morning, out ahead of an upper-level circulation that continues to intensify over central Pakistan.  The flow aloft will remain from the south-southwest throughout the day, which should keep us pretty much socked in with clouds and occasional rain.  There may be enough instability for a couple of thundershowers as well.  The latest projections of the computer model guidance suggest an additional 1.5-2cm (.60-.80") of rain, mainly occurring today and tonight -- though a few showers may linger on Sunday as well.

The snow line is way up the mountain... below Triund but above Magic View... and will probably not make it much further down than that, due to the fact that temps aloft may actually warm up slightly between now and Sunday morning.

Stay tuned for updated info throughout the day...