Sunday, February 17, 2013

a brighter picture... (pm.17.feb.13)>

Update @ 8:31pm... Just checking my records, today has been the 2nd coldest day of this winter season, right behind 19 January -- the day that we received 3-7" of snow in McLeod during the overnight/early morning hours.  That afternoon, with a good amount of sunshine, we hit 44.2F (6.8C).

There are some breaks in the overcast now, and I'm pretty sure our rain showers are finished and this storm has come to an end.

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 39.2F (4.0C)
High temp: 44.5F (6.9C)
Rainfall since 7:30am: 0.38" (1cm)
Storm total rainfall: 1.80" (4.6cm)  -- since noon Friday

The day is ending with a glimpse of the setting sun on the western horizon, after a day dominated by clouds, fog, and a few lingering rain showers.  The sun did attempt to break through late this morning, but couldn't quite make it.  All in all it has been a damp and cold Sunday.

The snow line never made it much below about 2100m/6900ft, which is perplexing -- but it's still great news as far as our water supply is concerned, since there was an additional two feet of snow (or more) up there where it is needed.

Although our storm system has dissipated, with the left-over upper-level energy racing off to the east through Nepal, there is a tremendous amount of moisture left clinging to the front ranges of the mountains -- all the way from Kashmir through Himachal and Uttarakhand into Nepal.  This moisture will be gradually scoured out, but with no dramatic intrusion of much drier air, it may take a while.

Our weather pattern this week is going to keep things a bit active, with a fast-moving jet stream carrying several weak disturbances from the Middle East into the western Himalayan region.  This will mean alternating sun and clouds for us, along with a chance of a few light rain and/or snow showers higher up in the mountains.  It looks like there will be a stronger system entering the picture next weekend, bringing us yet another shot at some decent precipitation.

By this stage of February, we would normally be approaching 60F (15.5C), but despite a modest warm-up during the next several days, temps should remain generally below average.

partial clearing.  slight chance of a lingering shower before midnight.
low: 4C (39F)

a mix of sun and some clouds.  milder.
high: 11C (52F)

clear to partly cloudy.  not as cold.
low: 7C (44F)

partly cloudy.  milder, but still below normal for mid-feb.
high: 12C (54F)

a mix of clouds and sun.
morning low: 7C (45F)
daytime high: 13C (55F)

sun and a few clouds.
morning low: 7C (45F)
daytime high: 13C (56F)

increasing clouds with a chance of rain showers developing late in the day.
morning low: 8C (47F)
daytime high: 14C (57F)