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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Thursday's stats:

Early morning low temp: 44.8F (7.1C)
Afternoon high temp: 55.2F (12.9C) -- around 1:00pm
Rainfall: trace

We started out with some high thin clouds this morning, with even some glimpses of sun until the very early afternoon.  Since then, the clouds have been thickening up, gusty winds have started to blow, and a few very light rain showers have begun.  Snow showers are already underway higher up in the mountains as well.

This is just the very beginning of a brand new storm system which is going to be our main weather feature this coming weekend.  The main center of circulation itself hasn't even developed yet -- that will happen tomorrow into early Saturday morning -- bringing us a better and better chance of significant rainfall.  The latest data projects precipitation in the 3-6cm (1.2-2.4") range between tonight and early Sunday morning, which is remarkably similar to the amounts we received just last weekend.  The snow line should remain well above McLeod Ganj, but as always, we'll have to keep a close eye on it as the battle between different air masses is waged along our mountain slopes.  One thing is for certain, there will be another couple of feet in the vicinity of Triund and above, which will be another great contribution toward our springtime water supply.

By Sunday, we may see improvements, but lingering instabilty is going to keep a good chance of some scattered showers in the forecast.  Beyond that, the atmosphere continues to look unsettled, with another chance of rain towards the middle of the week.  Temperatures stand little chance of getting very close to normal (highs around 62F/17C) as we close out the month.

mostly cloudy and windy at times.  increasing chance of a few rain showers.
low: 6C (43F)

partly to mostly cloudy with occasionally gusty winds.  more rain showers developing.
high: 12C (53F)

cloudy and windy at times, with periods of rain likely.
low: 6C (42F)

cloudy with occasional rain.  unseasonably cold.
high: 10C (50F)

partial clearing possible, but still a good chance of a few lingering showers.
morning low: 5C (41F)
daytime high: 11C (52F)

a mix of sun and clouds.  milder.
morning low: 7C (44F)
daytime high: 13C (56F)

partly cloudy with a chance of a few PM showers.
morning low: 8C (47F)
daytime high: 14C (58F)