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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

another attempt... (am.20.feb.13)>

The sun is just now peeking over the mountains, with mostly clear skies across the area early this morning.  My overnight low here on Tushita Road below the Mountaineering Center has been 43.3F (6.3C), and the humidity is 54% to start the day.

Things look very nice at the moment, but the morning sun the past couple of days hasn't been able to hold on, with clouds and fog developing during the afternoon hours.  We'll have to be prepared for that to happen again today, thanks to this lingering moisture still in place along the front slopes of the mountains.  Also be aware of the risk of an isolated shower/thundershower during the late afternoon before skies clear again around or just after sunset.  If all of the gloom fails to develop today, then we'll just consider ourselves fortunate.

Our next storm system is still on track to begin affecting us late Thursday night or Friday.  As I mentioned last night, it looks very similar to our storm last weekend, apart from the fact that temperatures shouldn't be as cold.  Computer models are coming up with 2-4cm (0.8-1.6") of rainfall for our area by Sunday morning, with heavy snow likely in the mountains above 2500m/8200ft.