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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

very warm week ahead... (pm.03.may.15)

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 59.7F (15.4C)
High temp: 79.5F (26.4C)
Rainfall: trace

There are just a few clouds lingering during this half-hour before sunset, but we can call it mostly clear.  We had a lot of sunshine again today, but there was the expected build-up of mountain clouds by the noon hour, which led to a couple of isolated showers with a couple of rumbles of thunder along the Dhauladhars after about 3:00pm.  There were even a few sprinkles and one or two very light rain showers in town during the late afternoon, but not enough to register a measurement in the gauge.  A period of gusty winds swept through town as well, as those mountain thundershowers dissipated.

Summer-like weather continues to take over proceedings here in north India, as temperatures here at our relatively high elevation push toward 80ºF once again.  It's getting warmer and warmer in the surface layers, but we've still been contending with some left-over pools of colder air in the upper atmosphere to our north and northeast, which haven't allowed us to say goodbye to the afternoon instability issues.  It appears more likely that warmer air aloft will mean less of the afternoon cloud/thunder development over the mountains both tomorrow (Mon) and Tuesday, but then an increase in moisture during the latter half of the week may re-introduce that PM thunder risk.  In spite of all that, sunshine should continue to dominate the majority of our daylight hours all the way through this week.

Unless there are some dramatic surprises (which of course are never out of the question around here), it seems fairly certain that we'll be experiencing the warmest temps of this season in only a day or two... which will also be the warmest temps since the first couple of weeks of the monsoon season last June/July.  Yes, both time and seasons march on...

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