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Friday, May 22, 2015

a dry air mass... (am.22.may.15)>

It's another crystal clear May morning, with pleasantly mild temperatures and rock-bottom humidity.  The current temp is also the overnight low -- 66.7F (19.3C) -- and there has been no rainfall to report.

One of the driest air masses of 2015 so far is encamped across northern India, which along with a uniform vertical temperature profile, is contributing to our very stable atmospheric situation.  Our location along the Dhauladhars is often a battle zone, even without a major storm system in the picture, so it's nice to be getting a break for a little while.

Temperatures the last three days have been right around the warmest of the entire season and year, and will remain in that range as we head into the weekend.  There will be lots of sunshine to go around today, and probably on Saturday as well, but a wiggle in the jet stream flow is going to introduce a period of instability for us between late Saturday and Monday.  It's looking like our risk of some isolated to widely scattered showers and/or thunderstorms will increase a bit during that period -- but I still feel fairly certain that we'll experience many more dry hours than wet ones.  Just keep in mind the potential for some mainly mid-afternoon through late evening thunder action to re-enter the equation.

Stability will return again by Tuesday, as our temps remain in the near to slightly above normal range for late May.  That means we could even be approaching 90ºF/32ºC at some point next week, as we move into the very peak of the summer season in our part of the world.

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