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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

hoping for relief... (pm.10.may.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 68.9F (20.5C)
High temp: 86.5F (30.3C)
Rainfall: none

Those hazy, dusty skies are still with us as we close the day -- otherwise it's partly cloudy. Today has been pretty much a repeat of the last two or three, with a mix of hazy sunshine and clouds, and isolated thunder development along the mountains.  My high temp in the upper part of town was in the same range it's been all week long, and the third warmest of the season and the year.

There was a bit more scattered thundershower development across northern India this afternoon, but none if it over us.  A couple of clusters of thundershowers have even popped up on the plains of Punjab to our south... a sign that the atmosphere across northern India is becoming more and more unstable.  That instability will increase during the next 48 hours or so, as an upper-level disturbance/circulation pushes into northern India from the west.  It will be accompanied by a pool of cooler air aloft, and will also pull a batch of moisture northward ahead of it -- so we're still looking at an increasing risk of a couple of periods of showers and thunderstorms between tomorrow (Mon) and Wednesday.  There could even be some afternoon thundershower development into Thursday.

Some cooling is on the way as well... if we really want to call it 'cooling'.  At any rate temperatures should fall by a few degrees starting on Tuesday, perhaps even dipping slightly below normal for mid-May before rebounding again during the latter part of the week.  We're into the time of year when it's hard to chase away the warm temperatures for long...

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