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Thursday, May 28, 2015

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There are some patches of high cirrus clouds across the area early this morning, otherwise we can call it mostly clear for now.  We've had a quiet and mild night with no rainfall, and a low temp of 67.1F (19.5C).

My thermometer here in the upper part of town has registered temperatures exceeding 86ºF/30ºC on seven of the last ten days -- a sure sign that we're into the very heart of the summer season.  I've yet to record a 90º/32ºC temp, but that only happens a couple of times a year on average anyway.  There's a chance we could make it that far between today and Saturday, but I think we're going to have to contend with an increase in mainly high clouds that will keep us slightly below that mark.  

Anyway, things are looking quiet for another couple of days, before we start to see a notable shift in the overall weather pattern.  The computer models are hinting at a turn to a north-northwesterly flow aloft -- unusual for this time of year -- that will bring in a series of disturbances and pockets of cooler air in the upper-atmosphere.  This will lead to what could be a rather extended period of unstable conditions lasting through the majority of next week.  Although we could see a couple of mainly PM thundershowers over the weekend, it's possible that we could have some periods of more significant rain and thunderstorms between Monday and Wednesday -- just in time for the arrival of June.

It also appears that our temperatures could drop rather dramatically early next week as well, giving us at least a temporary break from our recent very warm summertime conditions.  We'll watch how it all evolves...

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