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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

summertime... (am.19.may.15)>

It's been one of the warmest nights of our summer season -- I'm recording a low temp of 68.0F (20.0C) here at my location in the upper part of town.  There's been no rainfall overnight, and we're waking up to clear skies.

The hottest air mass of the season is in place across the heart of India, and as of yesterday, the northern fringes of that air mass finally gained ground and moved into our area.  At our elevation and placement along the front slopes of the Dhauladhars, we're fortunate not to have to deal with the searing heat that gets going this time of year only a few kilometers downhill from us.  Still... it's looking like temperatures will be close to the warmest of this summer season for us during the coming several days.  The highest temp I've recorded thus far was 87.2F (30.7C) back on the 8th of May, and we'll likely again be within striking distance of that very shortly.

Of course the battles between sunshine and mainly afternoon cloud development will be the deciding factor in how high our temperatures will surge -- and we also have to be aware of the risk of an isolated PM thundershower in the vicinity of the mountains.  There are a handful of weak upper-level disturbances projected to wiggle across northern India, especially by the weekend, so it's not a good idea to completely remove the thunder potential from the forecast.  Bottom line:  full-on summer for now.

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