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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

gradual return to stability... (am.26.may.15)>

It's partly cloudy at sunrise this morning, with a very mild temp of 71.5F (21.9C).  However, we had some thundershowers again overnight, and my low temperature here in the upper part of town plunged all the way down to 59.5F (15.3C) in the midst of the gusty winds and light rain showers.  Finally, there was a measurement in the rain gauge -- just 0.10" (3mm), but it's the most I've recorded in nearly a week.

The center of circulation of some lingering upper-level energy is located over northwestern Kashmir early this morning, and is expected to move off well to the east during the next 12 hours.  Although there is very little moisture available in this air mass, I am still concerned that we could have a bit more isolated thunder development around the area today, in the midst of alternating clouds and sun.  If that does happen, rainfall amounts should be very minor.  A return to stability is expected overnight and Wednesday, as warmer air arrives in the middle and upper-levels of the atmosphere once again.  That should provide us with more of the generally sunny and very warm weather we've gotten used to during the past week or so.

Another chance of some isolated thundershowers enters the forecast either late Friday or Saturday, but once again, any rain amounts should be very much on the light side.  Temperatures should average out close to normal or even a bit above as we finish off the month of May...

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