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Sunday, May 24, 2015

not much action... (pm.24.may.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 63.1F (17.3C)
High temp: 87.2F (30.7C)
Rainfall: trace -- during very early morning

It's a very nice evening out there -- both in terms of appearance and feel.  There are a few clouds along the Dhauladhars, otherwise we have mostly clear skies as the sun sets, temperatures are pleasantly warm, and humidity remains rather low.  We did have a bit more cloudiness today than we've seen the last several days, but the sun was still the major player, allowing our temps to remain slightly above normal for the date.

There are some isolated to widely scattered thundershowers strung along the Himalayan ranges from central Kashmir through Himachal into Uttarakhand this evening, but as far as I am aware, none of that action got anywhere close to us -- at least not up til now.  Our atmosphere is a not quite as stable as it was during most of last week, but the ingredients haven't really come together to trigger much in the way of significant shower/thunder development.  Looking at all the data this evening, I'd say we still have a chance of something popping up during the coming 24 hours or so, as a narrow band of moisture to our southwest interacts with a couple of very weak upper-level disturbances rippling across the area -- but long-lasting, significant rainfall doesn't appear likely at all.

In fact, a very warm and summery week is ahead of us... with only a very slight chance of a PM thundershower between Tuesday and Friday.  The rain risk may go up a bit by Saturday, but right now it doesn't look major.  And surprise, surprise -- our temperatures will probably be hitting new highs for the season and the year.

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