Thursday, May 21, 2015

may excellence... (am.21.may.15)>

It's a very pleasant May morning, with totally clear skies and very low humidity (around 25%).  My current temp of 66.0F (18.9C) is also the overnight low, and there has been no rainfall since last evening's report.

I was just glancing at my statistics sheet for the month -- noticing that we've had measurable rainfall on 7 days out of 20, for a total of 1.69" (4.3C).  The average total rainfall for May is around 2.35" (6.0cm), so we're actually not too far off the mark thus far.  It looks like we could see more isolated shower/thunder development over the mountains late this afternoon into the evening hours, but with the moisture content of our air mass so low right now, any rainfall amounts should be very minor.  The same goes for tomorrow.  Otherwise expect lots of brilliant summer sunshine, with temperatures pushing very close to 86ºF/30ºC all the way into the weekend.

There is a more significant shake-up in the pattern scheduled over the weekend into Monday, however.  A couple of slightly stronger upper-level disturbances will glide across the western Himalayas, while a minor batch of moisture gets pulled up against the mountains as they pass through.  That means we may have to contend with a couple of rounds of more noteworthy shower/thunderstorm development between late Saturday afternoon and Monday evening.  I don't expect a washout at all, with some nice periods of sunshine in the midst of the better rain chances.

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