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Sunday, May 17, 2015

morphing pattern... (am.17.may.15)>

It's partly cloudy at sunrise, as some patches of mid- and high clouds zip across the early morning sky.  We've had a quiet and mild night, with no rainfall, and a low temp of 63.3F (17.4C) here on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center.

The transition into this next phase of warmer weather has been taking longer than expected, as it sometimes does when we have an air mass shift interacting with local mountain effects.  Already there is much warmer air in the middle and upper-levels of the atmosphere, but afternoon cloud development along the front slopes of the mountains squelched our nice warming here in the lower levels yesterday.  It looks like we may achieve more of a stable balance between differing temperatures in different layers of the atmosphere today -- but I have to say I'm not brimming over with confidence.  Anyway, the general trend in temps during the coming several days should be upward, as we settle into the range of near or even a bit above normal/average for the season.

A couple of the computer models are showing some random, isolated, mainly PM shower/thunder development in the vicinity of the mountains between now and Tuesday, though it looks like the westerly upper-level flow might carry any development away from us.  So all in all... we're talking about a fairly normal mid-May weather scenario during the coming week, as we approach the warmest period of the year, climatologically speaking...

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