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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

a fresh start... (am.16.may.15)>

A gorgeous May morning is shaping up, with totally clear skies at sunrise along with pleasant temperatures.  My overnight low here in the upper part of town just occurred in the past few minutes -- 59.7F (15.4C) -- and there has been no rainfall since last report.

The unsettled/disturbed weather of the past several days brought us 1.55" (3.9cm) of rain between Monday and very early Friday morning, and also did the job of recycling and cleaning up our hazy/dusty atmosphere.  Since yesterday we've started fresh and clean again with a brand new air mass.  The main event of the next few days will be a building and expanding ridge of high pressure to our west-southwest that will allow temperatures throughout all layers of the atmosphere to warm dramatically.  The last time I registered a temperature of 80ºF/27ºC was last Sunday, but we'll be pushing close to that number today, and should definitely rise well above it by tomorrow -- with temps a few degrees above normal for mid-May through at least the middle of next week.

Our atmosphere should be generally stable through Monday, but as always, we have to keep one eye on the mountains during the afternoon hours, and be aware of the risk of an isolated thundershower up there which could drift into town.  Otherwise, it looks like plenty of summer sunshine is on the way.  A couple of weak disturbances mid-week (Tue-Wed) could give us a slightly better chance of a shower or thunderstorm, with a turn to stability once again by the latter part of the week.

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