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Saturday, May 30, 2015

drier than normal... (am.30.may.15)>

There are a few traces of very thin cirrus clouds out there this morning just before sunrise, otherwise it is mostly clear.  It's been another very quiet night, with no rainfall and a pleasantly mild low temp of 66.7F (19.3C).

Since the 15th of this month, I've measured only 0.29" (7mm) of rain -- and for the entire month of May there has been less than two inches (5cm), which means we could end up below the normal amount for the month (2.3"/5.9cm) if we don't get any signficant rainfall before Sunday night.  February, March and April were much wetter than normal this year, so May has definitely been a major turnaround.

We do have slightly better chances of getting some random thundershower development somewhere nearby this afternoon, but it's looking like we'll have to wait another couple of days before those rain chances really increase.  An upper-level low pressure circulation is still forecast to develop across the western Himalayas by tomorrow (Sun) night into Monday, and then hover over northern Pakistan all the way into Wednesday.  There will be some much cooler air aloft moving in, along with an increasing moisture supply.  That's going to give us a decent shot at some cooler and wetter weather as we greet the month of June, though by next Thursday and Friday it should be drying out and warming up again.

I've recorded a high temperature above 80ºF/27ºC each and every day since the 18th of May -- but we may be cooler than that for at least a couple of days early next week.

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