Friday, May 29, 2015

no huge issues... (pm.29.may.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 69.4F (20.8C)
High temp: 84.0F (28.9C)
Rainfall: none

There are some lingering clouds over the mountains just before sunset this evening, otherwise we have mostly clear skies.  This morning we had some fairly significant patches of high cloudiness dimming the sunshine... and though it was mostly sunny during the afternoon, the slow start to the day's temperature climb led to a high temp a couple of degrees cooler than we've seen the last few days.  No complaints, I'm sure, as it turned out to be a pleasantly warm day, with low humidity again.

It's interesting to watch how the computer models are handling the pattern shift which will be getting underway this weekend, and especially during the first part of next week.  Right now things continue to be rather stable, with any shower development remaining well up-mountain from us.  But there's going to be some cooling aloft occurring -- especially by Monday -- which will bring us a period of moderate instability, leading to a better and better chance of a few periods of showers and thunderstorms.  It still looks like we won't see anything more than some isolated/random action through Sunday, mainly during the afternoon and/or evening hours, with a mix of sunshine and occasional clouds.  Temperatures will stay close to where they've been recently.

That better chance of showers and thunderstorms on Monday will last into Wednesday, and it's a good bet that our temperatures will drop several degrees as well.  But -- the latest data is pointing to a rebound to seasonably very warm temps and generally dry weather during the latter part of next week.  Check back for updates as we make the transition into June.

THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK is available above, along with a look ahead on AWAITING MONSOON 2015.