Monday, May 4, 2015

summer is surging... (am.04.may.15)>

For the fourth morning in a row, we're waking up to 100% clear skies.  It has been a totally calm and uneventful night with no rainfall to report -- and an overnight low here in the upper part of town of 60.4F (15.8C).

The upper-level weather pattern is in the midst of a major transformation -- and the charts/maps during the coming 4-5 days or so are looking more like they normally would at the end of May or early June.  A massive ridge of high pressure aloft is building across the Indian subcontinent, which will allow the air mass in our part of the world to heat up substantially as we make our way through this week.  It's looking pretty much guaranteed that we'll be experiencing the warmest temperatures since last June or July -- which will obviously be several degrees above normal for this stage of the season.

Sunshine should be plentiful, at least up until Thursday or Friday, but we still have to watch out for some afternoon cumulus development over the mountains.  All the data is suggesting that the instability necessary for isolated thundershower development will be squashed for the next couple of days or so -- but again -- let's not completely ignore the risk of something popping up over the Dhauladhars by the mid-afternoon.  There may be slightly better chances of some afternoon shower/thunder development during the latter half of the week, so we'll keep an eye on that.  All in all -- it's looking a lot like Himalayan summer...

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