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Monday, September 30, 2013

not a nice day... (pm.30.sep.13)>

*Update @ 8:37pm... All of that thick fog and cloudiness has finally dissipated, leaving us with a clear, starry sky.  But the humidity is 88%, and with no expected surge of drier air, this temporary clearing is going to be replaced by clouds and fog again by late tomorrow morning... unless there is some kind of a miracle.

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 61.2F (16.2C)
High temp: 65.5F (18.6C)
Rainfall: 0.29" (7mm)

We are absolutely and totally socked in with clouds and fog at sunset this evening.  Yesterday (Sunday) may have been the nicest day we've had in more than a week, but today has definitely been one of the worst.  Although there have been several glimpses of sunshine scattered throughout the day, the clouds and fog were far more prevalent -- not to mention the scattered showers (and some thunder) which occurred randomly from the early morning until the mid-afternoon.  There wasn't enough sun today to get the thermometer moving either -- the temp moved only a few degrees (F) all day long.

September will be closing in just a few hours, but a fresh month doesn't look like it is going to bring much long-term improvement with it.  Although computer models are all pointing toward a slight reduction in the moisture content of the atmosphere during the mid-week period, I still don't think it is going to translate into much of a tangible change for us.  There will be some day to day variations in terms of the combination of sun, clouds, fog and showers, but a decisive, definitive clearing trend looks totally unlikely during the next several days at least.

The main issue/problem this year centers on an upper-level pattern that is keeping the main branch of the jet stream way to our north.  Until the upper winds start to dip southward, bringing significant circulations/systems into northern India, there is basically no chance that this lingering tropical moisture entrenched across most of the Indian subcontinent will be displaced.  Let's hope for some bright spots here and there, but I'm afraid we can't expect much more than that during this first week of October.

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