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Friday, September 27, 2013

sluggish pattern... (am.27.sep.13)>

It is mostly clear at sunrise on this Friday morning.  I have a temperature of 63.5F (17.5C), and a humidity reading of 85%.  There has been no rain overnight, leaving our 24 hour total at just 0.09" (2mm), nearly all of which occurred during a brief period of showers yesterday mid-afternoon.

I've just looked through the entire array of weather charts and computer model data that came out overnight, and I'm afraid I have no great news to report.  This unusually moist air mass which remains entrenched across northwest India (including nearly all areas that were officially cleared of monsoon conditions more than a week ago) shows no signs of going anywhere until at least Tuesday of next week.  And even then, the reduction in the moisture content of the air is not projected to be very dramatic.  Our upper-air pattern looks much more like late August or early September, which means there are no strong features aloft which can sweep across from west-to-east and clean out the damp murkiness which is trapped here.

It looks like we'll have at least a couple of hours of sunshine again this morning, but clouds and some fog should be developing by late morning at the latest, putting us back in the gloom for most of the remainder of the day.  Shower and thundershower potential is moderate both today and Saturday, with a slightly lower chance of rain day by day as the new week unfolds.  Of course I will be eager to let you know when there are signs of some kind of fundamental shift in this sluggish weather pattern.

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