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Thursday, September 26, 2013

languishing... (am.26.sep.13)>

*Update at 8:08am... The patches of clouds and fog that were present right around sunrise have given way to full sunshine early this morning.  It's very nice out there at the moment.  BUT -- humidity is hanging close to 75%, which means we should see more clouds and some fog develop as mid-day approaches.

It is partly cloudy at sunrise this morning, the temperature is 63.5F (17.5C), and we have a fairly high humidity reading of 81%.  There have also been some patches of fog trying to develop along the front slopes of the mountains during these few minutes before the sun peeks over the mountains.  I've recorded no rain overnight, leaving us at 0.17" (4mm) for the 24 hour total.

A tightly packed low pressure circulation in the mid-levels of the atmosphere continues to sit and spin over the middle of Gujarat.  This has been providing very heavy rainfall to areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat that should have been clear of monsoon conditions long ago.  The rest of northwest India is languishing under the effects of this system as well, which is keeping moist air pumping north and westward up against the mountains.  Although we had a monsoon withdrawal declaration nearly a full week ago, we're not getting to enjoy the dry and fog-free kind of air mass that should be making more permanent gains during this time of year.  Instead, we're continuing to fight the development of clouds and fog, along with having to be braced for downpours of rain.  In fact, after seven days without measurable rainfall last week, we've now had three days in a row with significant rain.  What to do?

Each morning and evening when I scan the new weather charts and the lastest data, I check hopefully for a sign of something sweeping in from the west-northwest to dislodge this stubborn moisture, but there is honestly nothing on the horizon.  The only positive sign I notice is the predicted demise of this low pressure area over Gujarat by the early part of next week.  Let's hope...

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