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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

straddling the line... (am.22.sep.13)>

We have a mostly cloudy sky at sunrise this morning, with a mild temperature of 65F (18.3C) and a humidity reading of 59%.  There was no rainfall overnight, but there was just enough to wet the bottom of the rain gauge yesterday afternoon/evening, though not enough to register a measurement.  That means we've now had six days in a row without measurable rainfall, leaving us stuck on 12.73" (32.3cm) for the month of September.

The theme during the past 24-36 hours has been the attempted resurgence from the southeast of some leftover monsoon moisture, and its interaction with the drier post-monsoon air mass over the western Himalayas.  There have been some isolated to widely scattered showers and occasional thunder since very late Friday night, along with more clouds and some higher humidity than we had for most of last week -- but it hasn't been that much of a big deal so far.  This morning's fresh data indicates that we'll continue to find ourselves on the dividing line between air masses through Monday and maybe into Tuesday as well.  That means we have to be braced for the potential for some shower or thundershower development, along with restricted sunshine during the early part of this new week.

Gradually drier air will seep back into our neighborhood starting on Tuesday, with a dry and unseasonably warm stretch of weather still expected for the middle and latter parts of the week.  By the way, the autumnal equinox (official start of autumn in the northern hemisphere) occurs just after 2:00am tomorrow morning in our time zone.

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