Tuesday, October 1, 2013

october limps in... (am.01.oct.13)>

The sky was clear about an hour ago, but already clouds and fog have redeveloped as sunrise approaches.  Humidity is 89% here in the upper part of town, and I have a temp of 61F (16C).  There has been no rainfall since yesterday afternoon, leaving the 24 hour total at 0.29" (7mm).  From what I am hearing, there were greater amounts in other spots around our area yesterday.

There are no changes showing up on the weather charts that would indicate any remarkable improvement in our completely horrible weather pattern.  The only thing I see is a trend toward less rain shower activity during the next 2-3 days or so -- but I have little faith in the computer model data at this stage of the game, so let's see if there might be any truth to that.  Otherwise, there is only the slightest reduction in the moisture content of this air mass over the course of the next several days, and that means alternating periods of clouds, fog, and some sun should continue.  Again, be prepared for a sudden shower or thundershower at any time as well.

All I can really say is what I have already said many times -- we are not going to see our weather scenario improve very much unless/until we get a strong surge of drier air from the northwest which would shove this lingering tropical murkiness well off to the southeast.  The upper-air pattern and jet stream orientation are not at all favorable for that to happen during the next week, at least.  So... October's arrival won't be much different from September's departure, I'm sorry to report.

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