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Thursday, October 10, 2013

moisture still stuck... (am.10.oct.13)>

Humidity is way up at 93% at sunrise this morning, with a temperature of 63F (17.2C).  It's quite hazy at the moment, but there are just a few clouds scattered along the mountains, as far as I can tell.  There was no rainfall overnight, and just a trace during the past 24 hours -- due to some drizzle and a few brief sprinkles yesterday afternoon.

Scattered thundershowers haven't really developed the way computer models have been projecting... at least not yet.  The upper atmosphere continues to slowly cool down, while copious moisture remains entrenched in the lower levels.  If we manage to get a period of two of decent sunshine this morning, I think it will become unstable enough to cause some shower and thundershower development later in the day, and it may not be too difficult for some heavier downpours to occur somewhere around the area.  It's strange to be carrying umbrellas around each and every day this time of year, but it's still probably a good idea -- just in case.

I've been watching with anticipation and interest as our next weather pattern transition takes shape on the extended range weather charts.  For the first time since way back in mid-September, there are stronger and stronger signs of a significant drop in moisture/humidity here in northwest India -- beginning over the weekend.  As the general atmospheric flows shifts to the west during the coming days, drier air is expected to steadily push this lingering thick moisture out of here.  I'll be very surprised if it ends up being a 'clean sweep', but it sure looks like we'll have some noticeable improvement by Sunday or Monday.  Let's see.

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