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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the weirdness continues... (am.08.oct.13)>

There is a lot of cloudiness and some patchy fog around the area at sunrise this morning.  Humidity is 88%, and the temperature is very mild for an early October morning, at 64.8F (18.2C).  There has been no rainfall overnight, just a trace in the past 24 hours, and less than one-tenth of an inch (2mm) in the last four days.  So -- despite the high humidity and the prevalence of clouds and fog, rain has been pretty sparse recently.

A massive amount of stagnant low-level moisture remains entrenched across most of northern India, and especially all along the front ranges of the mountains from southwestern Jammu & Kashmir, southeastward into Nepal.  A huge bubble of high pressure in the upper atmosphere has suppressed most of the shower and thundershower development the last couple of days, but it has actually made the fog situation worse, keeping all of this moisture trapped near the surface.

Computer models are still hinting at a slight increase in the potential for scattered showers and thundershowers during the middle of this week, as the big area of high pressure overhead begins to weaken and shift eastward.  This will allow a little bit of cooling aloft which will combine with the nearly unlimited low-level moisture to fuel some isolated to widely scattered thundershowers, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm still watching some signs of improvement being projected over the weekend -- in the form of some moderate drying-out of the atmosphere.  But it's not yet much to get very excited about.

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