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TOTAL RAINFALL yesterday afternoon/evening = 0.41" (1.0cm)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

seasonably pleasant... (am.26.oct.13)>

It is calm and quiet and totally clear just before sunrise on this Saturday morning.  My temperature on Tushita Road below the Mountaineering Center is 57F (13.9C), and humidity is lower this morning -- at 52%.  It's been dry overnight, of course.

Much cooler air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere continues to sink southward from central Asia into the western Himalayas, as the jet stream dips further southward than it has this entire season so far.  The average moisture content of our air mass has been dropping steadily during the past 36-48 hours or so, despite the lingering traces of moisture that remain along the front slopes of the mountains, mainly in the 5000-12000ft elevation range.  That's the moisture that has been condensed out in the form of clouds to varying degrees each and every day by the mid-day hours.  Lower humidity readings this morning indicate that we may get away with a greater percentage of sunshine today though -- which would be good news.

Although it hasn't rained at all since Sunday afternoon, I have to keep mentioning the off-chance of an isolated shower or two somewhere along the mountains.  This colder air arriving in the upper-levels could generate some instability during the afternoons, so just be aware of that.

We may see our temps slide downward a bit during the coming several days -- especially at night -- though we probably won't be dropping much below the average range for the final days of October.

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