Monday, October 14, 2013

monday morning sun... (am.14.oct.13)>

I see a couple of small patches of clouds hanging over the top of the mountains, otherwise we have a clear sky at sunrise on this Monday morning.  The temperature here in the upper part of town is 59.5F (15.3C), and humidity stands at 60%.  There has been no rainfall overnight, and just a trace during the past 24 hours.

I can hardly believe my eyes when I survey the weather charts this morning.  The last few months have been so dominated by low clouds, fog, high humidity and sudden heavy downpours of rain, that it's hard to imagine a scenario that would allow us to be free of all that.  But the trend that started showing up in the data around the middle of last week is so far turning out to be genuine.  The flow is still in the process of shifting more to the west-northwest throughout most layers of the atmosphere, with a large area of low-level high pressure forecast to develop over Rajasthan by the middle of the week.

Further reduction in the moisture content of our air mass is expected to occur today and Tuesday, setting the stage for much lower daily average humidity readings -- which could drop perhaps below 30% later in the week.  This means we'll most likely be enjoying much more sunshine than we've seen in a long time.  We're still going to have to be prepared for some cloud/fog development during the late afternoon and evening hours -- depending on whether or not there might be some lingering traces of moisture drifting up from the valley.  Things are definitely looking much brighter, but I'm still a little guarded until we can get through a couple of days without any surprises!

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