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Saturday, October 26, 2013

variable skies... (pm.26.oct.13)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 56.3F (13.5C)
High temp: 64.6F (18.1C)
Rainfall: none

It's still hazy this evening, but the clouds rapidly dissipated as the sun was setting.  Today featured a lot of pleasant morning sunshine, with partly cloudy skies for most of the afternoon... but there was again a brief period of fairly thick clouds and light fog here in the immediate McLeod area during the late afternoon.  There could have been a shower or two somewhere along the mountain slopes this afternoon, but there was no rain again at my location -- for the sixth day in a row.

Well, we're getting into the final days of October, as the upper-level weather pattern continues to shift into full-blown autumn mode across the western Himalayas and most of the northwest half of India.  Cooler air aloft continues to sink southward, and the brisk west-northwesterly flow is embedded with weak disturbances which will be passing through as we make the transition into November.  I can honestly never remember a year when we've had lingering moisture and so much PM cloud development here along the Dhauladhars lasting so late in the season -- but rain showers have been very few and far between during the past 10-12 days or so.

I still see very little chance of getting any full days of sunshine during the coming week, as occasional mainly afternoon cloud development continues to plague us.  Any rain shower action should be isolated until Wednesday, when a stronger disturbance could bring us a better chance of some scattered showers/thundershowers as we close out the month.  Temperatures will be trending generally downward over the next several days.

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