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Saturday, April 6, 2013

upward we go... (am.06.apr.13)>

A sunny and pleasant Saturday morning is already under way.  Those thin, high clouds that were moving in last evening have disappeared, and I've recorded an overnight low temp of 53.6F (12.0C).  Humidity remains very low -- at 35%.

Classic April weather conditions are expected to prevail across our area this weekend into early next week, as a ridge of high pressure aggressively builds in.  The main event will be a rather dramatic warming trend which will begin today, and last through at least Monday, bringing us the highest temps of this new spring/summer season thus far.  The atmosphere will be generally stable, but there will be a batch of upper-level energy and increasing moisture moving through tomorrow (Sun) which could increase the mountain thunder potential temporarily.  As always, be prepared for sudden changes if you plan to be trekking or climbing.  Even on a beautiful day, things can turn very quickly.

Meanwhile, a strong storm system centered over the Middle East will be moving steadily in our direction, and should arrive in southern Pakistan by Tuesday.  All the computer models say that it will fizzle out rapidly by the time it finally makes into India, but it still looks like we could see a better chance of some scattered showers and thundershowers from late Tuesday through Wednesday.  It's too early to tell for certain, but it appears that temperatures may not be greatly affected, so the warmer air arriving this weekend just may be here to stay...

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