Friday, April 19, 2013

bone dry, new high... (pm.19.apr.13)>

Friday's stats:

Early morning low temp: 60.4F (15.8C)
Afternoon high temp: 76.8F (24.9C) --warmest of the year
Rainfall: none

We've reached yet another new high temperature for 2013 this afternoon, while humidity remains very very low (15-30% today).  Although there have been occasional high clouds, and even some scattered cumulus clouds in the vicinity of the mountains, the sun had no problem remaining the dominant force of the day.

A ridge of high pressure has been providing the generally stable conditions we've seen during the past 72 hours or so, as building heat on the plains contributes to our gradually rising temperatures.  There are some changes on the horizon, however, as we begin to undergo a rather significant shift in the upper-air pattern.  An evolving southwesterly flow aloft will begin to carry a string of weak upper-level disturbances into northwest India starting as early as late tomorrow (Sat), and lasting through most of next week.  A better chance of mainly afternoon and evening thundershowers is on the way, as much more moist air establishes itself across the majority of south Asia.  There will still be a good amount of sunshine in the midst of occasional periods of clouds and that thundershower risk, so don't expect a wash-out of a week by any means.

We've actually risen slightly above normal for this stage of April in the temperature department, but our recent warming trend will be stifled in the coming days as scattered thundershowers cool the air mass down a bit.  Still, it should remain pleasantly warm for this time of year.

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