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Saturday, April 20, 2013

another warm one... (am.20.apr.13)>

It's a gorgeous Saturday morning out there, with mostly sunny skies and 30% humidity.  My overnight low temp, which occurred just before sunrise, was 61.7F (16.5C).

I've been recording some of the lowest humidity levels in many months during the past three days or so.  Clothes hanging on the line can dry very quickly when the humidity dips to 20%, which is what happened yesterday afternoon.  It looks like this super-dry air mass isn't going to be hanging around for much longer, however.  As I've been mentioning, the overall weather pattern is going to be undergoing a shift during the next couple of days, allowing more moist air to surge northward, while a few upper-level disturbances approach from the west-southwest.  We're not looking at an organized storm system of any kind, just more favorable conditions for the development of scattered showers and/or thundershowers mainly during the afternoon and evening hours -- especially between Sunday and Wednesday.

Our temperatures are now at their warmest of the spring/summer season, and right in line with late April averages.  If thundershowers start popping up during the coming few days we'll see a bit of a dip in temps, but there is no significantly cooler air expected to displace this warm air mass for long.

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