Thursday, April 4, 2013

quite pleasant... (am.04.apr.13)>

The sun is back in full force early on this Thursday morning.  It is a bit on the chilly side for this time of year -- my pre-dawn low temp here in the upper part of town was 52.5F (11.4C).  There was no precipitation overnight, which means that this latest upper-level disturbance only managed to produce a trace of rainfall.  Well, April is supposed to be the second driest month of the year.

A very fast west-to-east jet stream is flowing overhead, and has brought some fairly cold air into the upper-levels of the atmosphere.  With sunshine causing the surface to warm up as the day wears on, we could see some classic springtime instability, which means the potential for isolated thundershower development over the mountains.  Otherwise, it looks like a fine day on the way, and actually some very fine April weather conditions all the way through the weekend into at least the early part of next week.  High pressure should be generally in control from tomorrow (Fri) through Monday, allowing temperatures to rise steadily.

Consistently warm weather has yet to arrive this year -- we are well behind schedule, with only 3 days with high temps reaching 70F (21.1C) or above.

Check out the warming trend on the CURRENT FORECAST tab above.