Wednesday, April 24, 2013

more variety... (am.24.apr.13)>

*Update @ 10:05am... We're in much better shape so far today than by this time of the morning on the last three days.  Cumulus clouds are just now starting to develop over the mountains, so it'll become evident in the next few hours just how much instability we'll be dealing with.  Enjoy the sun, but be prepared for that thundershower potential to manifest itself.

Other than some patches of high clouds, skies are mostly sunny early this morning, with humidity slightly lower at 52%.  I've recorded an overnight low temp of 57.6F (14.2C) here in the upper part of town.

Well... our late April Variety Show continues.  We still have a persistent west-southwesterly flow in the upper-atmosphere dominating weather proceedings, as it steers occasional disturbances across northern India.  At the same time, a rather moist air mass remains in place at the surface, providing fuel for random thundershower development.  Heat continues to build just down the hill from us, but most of that energy has been converted into cloudiness over the mountains after only a couple of hours of morning sunshine.  Although I'm fairly confident that we'll be getting a steady warm-up during the coming several days, I also think we're going to have to contend with periods of cloudiness along with the development of scattered showers and thundershowers on just about any given day -- right through the weekend.

Rainfall for the month is now only a bit below normal for April here in the Dharamsala area, but it shouldn't be too much of a task for us to make up for that deficit during the week remaining.  As far as temps go, we've slipped to several degrees below normal, but will likely get back on track by Saturday.

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