Friday, April 5, 2013

no worries... (am.05.apr.13)>

At this moment, bright sunshine is peeking over the mountains to start our Friday.  I've recorded a rather chilly overnight low temp of 51.3F (10.7C), and humidity has been very low as well -- currently just 35%.

A crisp and dry air mass is in place, as brisk northwesterly jet stream winds flow overhead.  A rather strong ridge of high pressure will be building across the northwest third of India over the weekend into early next week, which should provide us with generally stable conditions and a rather dramatic warm-up.  The warmest temperatures should occur on Sunday and Monday, when we'll likely be rising a couple of degrees (at least) above normal for the first half of April.  Be aware of the risk of afternoon cloud/thunder development over the mountains, but apart from that, we should see a lot of sunshine.

An unseasonably intense storm system organizing in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf will make its way eastward early next week.  But -- it looks like it is going to lose nearly all of its upper-level support before it reaches us.  We'll have to be on the lookout for an increase in shower potential by late Tuesday and Wednesday, however.

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