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Sunday, April 28, 2013

not too bad... (am.28.apr.13)>

*Update @ 9:18am... It's already 69F (20.5C) up here at my house, which bodes well for our afternoon temps, as long as the sunshine remains in control.  Satellite pics show some patches of high clouds upstream from us, but there is nothing particularly ominous threatening.

Some bands of high clouds are lifting northeastward across the area early this morning, otherwise there's sunshine lurking as well.  Humidity is 45%, and my overnight low here in the upper part of town has been 59.5F (15.3C), which is exactly the same as I recorded yesterday morning.  There was no rainfall last night and in fact -- it's been dry since early Friday afternoon.

I think we're in for a pretty nice day, as the atmosphere remains fairly stable and on the dry side.  Right now we're 'in between' the series of disturbances we were dealing with for 5-6 days in a row last week, and a final upper-level disturbance which will begin affecting us either tonight or tomorrow (Mon).  Although there's a risk of an isolated thundershower this afternoon, we'll see increasing chances of more substantial thunderstorm activity from Monday into Wednesday, which will correspond with the calendar-flip from April to May.  It's not going to rain for three days straight, but a couple of stormy interludes appear to be a good bet during that time frame.  Temperatures will remain fickle and changeable -- fluctuating wildly with the dance between sun, clouds and showers.

All computer models are showing a dramatic push of drier air entering the picture by Thursday, with the upper-air pattern also shifting drastically, for the first time in a couple of weeks.

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